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7 Advantages of Using Independent Insurance Agents for Your Personal Insurance

BY John Lopriore

7 Advantages of Using Independent Insurance Agents for Your Personal Insurance
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Big-name insurance companies are widely known because of their ability to saturate the media with commercials about the policies they provide. These insurance companies can be a reliable choice because they’ve been in the industry for a long period of time. However, that doesn’t mean they’re the best choice for your personal insurance needs. Independent insurance agents can provide reliable service too. Additionally, they often have much more to offer than a single company. Here are 7 advantages to using an independent insurance agent for your personal insurance needs.

1. More Options

Independent agents work with a variety of insurance companies to get you the best coverage at the lowest prices. An independent insurance agent has access to many markets to provide you with the policies you need. This access to choices can mean lower rates, less restrictive policies, and better coverage. Independent insurance agents can often provide ways to cover potential gaps in coverage with the use of policies that work alongside the insurance you already have.

2. Save Money

Since independent insurance agents aren’t tied to one company, they can shop around to offer you the best rates. An independent agent has no brand preference, which means you’ll have the opportunity to compare a variety of prices for the same policy. Often, this comparison can result in significant savings. You can compound these savings with multi-policy discounts and the option to purchase insurance policies that work together to provide complete coverage.

3. An Advocate for Customers

Insurance agents affiliated with one company are often tied to stringent requirements. An independent insurance agent works for the customer instead of a single company. This is a major advantage when it comes to filing a claim. Insurance claims are complicated, and it’s easy for policyholders to get lost in the process and the technical terms involved. An independent insurance agent is a trained professional working on your behalf which makes you more likely to get a fair settlement.

4. Unbiased Advice

Insurance agents working with one company have a narrow view of the industry. On the other hand, independent agents work with dozens of companies that provide different types of insurance policies. Additionally, independent insurance agents work closely with customers and can offer advice related to the previous positive or negative experiences of other clients.

Since independent insurance agents aren’t advocates for a single company, they can help you find the best prices without any preference for one company over another. This freedom also allows independent insurance agents to find plans better suited to the needs of their customers.

5. They Get to Know You

An independent agent is someone in your local community who can serve your insurance needs throughout your lifetime. This local knowledge provides many advantages. A local agent gets to know you as a person and learns about the changes you experience over time. They often offer advice and learn about which companies have provided you with satisfactory service in the past. Additionally, local insurance agents have knowledge about specific risks to the area. This knowledge can ensure you avoid any gaps in coverage.

A local agent is nearby with the capability to take care of your issues right away when you have to file a claim or have questions about your coverage. This personalized service helps you avoid the frustrations of long waiting periods on the phone to talk to an agent in another state who may not even know your name. Working with an independent insurance agent you know can make it easy to keep your insurance updated and seek new policies when you need them.

6. One-Stop Shopping

You often need different types of insurance to meet the needs of your lifestyle. An independent insurance agent can offer you simple one-stop shopping for all of your needs. Independent insurance agents usually offer many different types of insurance including homeowners, auto, commercial, personal articles, and umbrella policies. They can also provide policies that cover unique concerns like pets, classic cars, and special event insurance.

Instead of visiting various agencies to compare prices and benefits, you discuss your insurance needs with one agent and wait while the best options are presented to you. Shopping online can take a lot of time and lead to frustrating results when you have no experience in the industry. An independent agent can save your time and provide more options than you can find alone. Instead of filling out numerous forms on your own, you can get instant quotes from multiple companies to quickly make the best choice and get on with your life.

7. Licensed and Experienced

Independent agents are licensed and have the experience to explain insurance terms in simple understandable language. The insurance agency is filled with complications, exclusions, and technical language. Since most policyholders aren’t professionals, it can be difficult to understand the coverage you have and what you actually need. Unfortunately, this generally leads to customers who end up leaning toward one extreme or the other. Some choose to purchase only enough insurance to comply with local laws and end up being underinsured. Others end up paying expensive monthly premiums on insurance they’ll never use.

Understanding insurance policies can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. At The Huttenlocher Group, our independent agents work closely with customers to form long-term relationships that provide you with the best insurance coverage to fit your needs no matter your lifestyle.


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