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Safe Driving Smartphone Apps

by Kayla Eggert, West Bend

Safe Driving Smartphone Apps
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Smartphone technology is adapting to help keep today’s drivers safe. These days, a whole category of safe driving apps exist to promote safe driving.

How safe driving apps work

Telematics safe driver apps offer more useful information than many drivers realize. Today’s generation of digital driving tools can tell you far more than the location of the nearest gas station. In fact, driving apps that track safety and mileage can help you learn from metrics, such as how you respond to posted speed limits to faster-than-normal acceleration incidents. The result is to help make you and those around you safer on the road. Here’s what you can learn from telematics safe driver apps.

Data increases road awareness

Even if you’re driving at a steady pace with no interruptions, digital driving apps are hard at work in the background – and that’s a good thing. Post-drive, you’ll have access to information about mileage, turns, and other driving metrics. That helps you learn when you might be more at risk. Some driving behaviors, including fast acceleration and hard braking, are both associated with distracted driving and can increase your chances of an accident.

Safe driving apps can change your smartphone habits

Using a smartphone in any way while driving is dangerous. Digital apps can help you note if you accidentally pick up and use your phone, allowing you to work harder at keeping your phone out of reach and out of use while you’re on the road.

You’ll walk away with specific tips

Most of us drive and never really think twice about the mileage. But what if we learned from each trip? Digital data can arm you with relevant feedback and tips on how you can improve your driving. By swapping generic safe driving information for tips tailored to your specific driving behaviors and routes, it’s easier to make changes the next time you’re behind the wheel. For example, understanding your own tendency to go slightly over the speed limit in your neighborhood can make it easier to correct this weak spot.

You can compete with yourself to get better

Safe driving apps often give you a digital score each time you get behind the wheel – using speed, acceleration, and other parameters to award points for driving. Try keeping track of your scores over a series of weeks to pinpoint your best driving days.

As the use of cell phones/smartphones in cars continues to be a leading cause of accidents, it makes sense to focus on safe driving. Consider popular apps when getting started, like the one below.


This app addresses a major cause of distracted driving accidents – reading text messages while behind the wheel. It works by turning text messages into audio messages, allowing drivers to always keep their eyes on the road. After delivering the audio message, Drive sends a text message indicating the driver can’t answer right away. Designed to let you stay connected while operating hands-free, the app for safe driving won’t slow down your phone or drain the battery.

Getting your safe driving app

No matter which one you decide to choose, downloading a safe driving app is a big step toward driving without distraction. Use your phone as a safety tool and keep yourself accident-free.

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