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"Full Coverage" Auto Insurance

You’ve probably heard the term “full coverage” being used by your agent, in a commercial, or on a quote form. We want to be sure you understand what the term means and what your options are when it comes to full coverage.

The term full coverage generally encompasses comprehensive and collision coverage for your vehicle. Collision coverage comes into play when your vehicle comes into contact with another vehicle, an object, or a person. The only type of collision that is not classified as a collision is a situation in which your vehicle comes in contact with an animal. Comprehensive coverage means anything other than a collision… like fire, theft, vandalism, glass or collision with an animal.

Both comprehensive and collision coverage carry a deductible (an out of pocket cost). These deductibles range from $0 to $2,000 and the lower your deductible, the higher your price and vice versa.

Many clients ask for their agent’s advice on whether they should get full coverage or remove it from an older car. There are many factors when it comes to answering these questions…. First, the price. Look at what it’s costing you to have full coverage on the vehicle and then look at what the vehicle is worth. If you’re paying $1,600 a year to fully insure a car that’s worth $2,000 it may be time to consider removing full coverage. Another factor to be considered is what situation you’d be in if the car was to be totaled. If loss of that vehicle would put you or your family in hardship, it’s best to keep full coverage on the vehicle.

Another thing to keep in mind are the additional coverages that are not included with comprehensive/collision that you may also need:

  • Rental car reimbursement

  • Towing or roadside coverage

  • OEM part replacement

  • Loan/Lease gap coverage

These coverages can be added with an additional cost, but are generally not included with the definition or quote for full coverage.

It’s important to talk to your agent about what coverages you may need and to make the best decision for your lifestyle and budget. That’s what we’re here for!

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