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Pioneer State Mutual Home Insurance Review

by Homeowners Insurance Cover

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Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company is a Michigan-based insurance company that provides residential, automotive and commercial insurance policies. Pioneer State Mutual specializes in business/commercial insurance but provides a number of personal home & automotive insurance policies for clients in Michigan. Pioneer exclusively operates out of the state of Michigan.

Pioneer State Mutual is one of the oldest insurance companies in the United States – the company has been in business for over 110 years. Pioneer was founded in 1908 as a farmers insurance company. Farmers in Michigan had difficulties with forest fires that started as a result of lightning storms, and the first Michigan-based lighting-protection company was called Farmers Mutual Lighting Protected Fire Insurance Company of Michigan. After acquiring a competitor it was renamed to a shorter name – Pioneer State Mutual. The company had a unique approach of selling lightning rods as a safety measure that was implemented in forests all over the state of Michigan.

The Fire Insurance Company of Michigan acquired a smaller Michigan competitor called Pioneer Insurance – to this date, it’s kept the name Pioneer State Mutual Insurance Company. Pioneer is currently one of the largest local insurance companies in Michigan – it expanded its policies from mere fire safety for commercial farms to personal insurance policies. Pioneer does not sell their policies directly, clients have to reach out to one of the numerous independent agents operating out of every town in Michigan. Pioneer only services the Michigan area and has not expanded to other states. Pioneer is located in Flint, MI.

Pioneer State Mutual home insurance is available for the following:


Condominium units

Rental properties

Financial Ratings

Pioneer State Mutual is part of the Better Business Bureau which rates companies for their financial stability and customer complaint ratio. The BBB currently awards Pioneer State Mutual an “A+” rating for financial stability and customer support. This signifies that Pioneer is capable of paying out customers even during high-claim instances such as hurricanes.

Home Insurance

Pioneer offers a standard HO-3 policy with few add-ons because the basic policy is multi-peril, offering numerous repair and liability policies that come included with the standard HO-3. The HO-3 policy covers homeowners for all their repair/replacement needs, personal property, medical liability, loss of use and more. This HO-3 policy also includes numerous advantages such as coverage for debris removal, fire department expenses, food spoilage, and liabilities.

HO-3 Homeowners Plan

Pioneer State Mutual’s basic HO-3 plan provides coverage for the following:

  • Home. This includes the main structure where a family resides as well as all attached parts such as the garage.

  • Side-structures. If an insured person has other structures on their property such as a de-attached garage, a shed, an animal house, a visitor’s house, a cabana, etc – they come insured under the standard HO-3 policy and clients can optionally increase their coverage on any structure they deem valuable.

  • Personal belongings. The company covers clients for all their personal property expenses such as furniture, clothing, silverware, electronics, AC units, pool equipment, etc. The only exceptions are high-value items such as artwork, antiques, gold, and others which can be insured separately (there are limits on coverage for all personal property).

  • Loss of use liability. If the client has to move out of their home due to repairs which are being carried out, the insurance company bears the cost of all their living expenses such as rent, food costs, and bills. The loss of use policy covers the entire family until their home is repaired.

  • Liability damages. If a neighbor’s home is damaged by a client’s fault, the company bears their repair expenses. For instance, if a tree falls from a client’s property onto a neighbor’s property and damages their car, the insurance will pay for all their car repair costs.

  • Medical liability. If the insured person or anyone on their property (including family and guests) are injured, the company bears the medical costs incurred.


The following add-ons are included at no additional expense with every standard HO-3 plan:

  • Debris removal. If the home collapses or a tree falls over, the company provides a contractor who will clean up the property and make it usable at no additional cost.

  • Temporary repairs. If a property is heavily damaged and it requires temporary repairs in order to avert additional damage, the company will pay a contractor who will carry out emergency preventive repairs.

  • Fire department service charge. If the fire department has to be called in, the company will pay for all charges that the fire department invoices the insured person for.

  • Credit card/counterfeit money fraud. If the client’s credit card is stolen or they are the victim of a counterfeit money scheme, the company will reimburse the client for all the damage this caused on their finances.

  • Refrigerated products. If any food is spoiled as a result of a loss of power or a refrigerator breakdown, the client can make a claim for the spoiled food.


Pioneer’s basic plan provides coverage against all home damage. Pioneer’s HO-3 policy protects clients against all damages incurred by the following:

  • Fire/lighting. Pioneer’s specialty is insuring clients against lightning damage, and this comes standard as part of their HO-3 policy.

  • Hailstorm/windstorm damage. Protection against all natural disasters such as hail storms that damage the exterior of the home or completely collapse it.

  • Explosions. If the home is damaged as a result of an explosion, the company will reimburse clients for the full extent of their damages.

  • Riots/civil disorder. If the client’s property is damaged during a riot or any civil upheaval, the client will be reimbursed for their damages.

  • Motor accidents. If any vehicle accidentally damages the client’s property, or even an aircraft collapse near/on it, the client will be reimbursed for their damages.

  • Smoke damage. If smoke accidentally damages the client’s property such as the façade, all repair costs will be covered.

  • Vandalism. If the client’s home is vandalized, they will be reimbursed for all repair costs.

  • Home invasions. If the client’s home is broken into, they will be reimbursed for all personal property or home damage. The home invasion policy applies even when the client is away from their property at work or on vacation.

  • Falling objects. If an object such as a bird falls on a client’s property and damages it, they will be reimbursed for all repair costs.

  • Weight of snow/ice. During the winter months, if the snow is too heavy on the client’s roof and causes molding or water leak, they will be reimbursed for the repair process.

  • Water discharge. If a water pipe accidentally overflows or blows up damaging the client’s property such as the basement or lower levels, they will be reimbursed for their plumbing/contractor expenses.

  • AC unit/water heater breakdowns. If the AC unit or water heaters/boilers break down, repairs will be funded or new replacements will be covered.

  • Electric current damage. If the electric current is artificially increased and causes damage to the cables or any electronics, clients will be reimbursed for their repair cost.

Personal Belongings

Personal belongings (clothing, electronics, furniture, etc) are insured by the standard HO-3 plan. This includes virtually all personal possessions that can be found in the client’s home. However, most have maximum limits on the value. For instance, the clothing limit might be capped at $5,000. Clients have to inquire with their agent in order to increase or lower their coverage on personal items.

The following are covered: money/cash, clothing, jewelry, electronics, appliances, AC units, pool equipment, watercraft, security equipment, silverware, motor vehicle parts, and more.

Advantage Upgrade

Pioneer State Mutual provides an optional upgrade to the basic HO-3 plan called Advantage which provides them extra coverage on all basic policies. The Advantage upgrade is available at a fixed rate of $125 a year. The following policies are included under Pioneer’s Advantage plan:

  • Home Cyber Protection. If the client wishes to secure their home/security system against hackers and network intrusions, this adds a layer of security to their existing structure.

  • Law/fire department coverage increase. This adds an increase to the basic coverage in case the invoice by the Fire Department or the PD is higher than expected – the insurance company will bear the cost.

  • Refrigerated products increase. If the client holds a lot of valuable food, they can increase the coverage for their food items.

  • Mortgage extra expense coverage. If the client is currently on a mortgage, and their home is damaged which causes an increase in their mortgage premium, Pioneer will cover clients on the extra charges incurred by their new premiums.

Customer Reviews

Pioneer State Mutual receives excellent marks by customers for providing wide coverage on all home insurance plans. Clients praise their customer service and claim they are quick to provide support during claims. Many clients say they were able to make multiple claims without an increase in their premiums. Pioneer is deemed as a reliable company during emergencies, providing customers with fast assistance and reliable payouts.


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